Greenpeace colour streets of Berlin yellow to protest against coal

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Greenpeace colour streets of Berlin yellow to protest against coal
The roundabout around the Victory Column painted yellow to reflect the sun. Photo: DPA

Commuters on Tuesday morning were shocked to discover the roads surrounding the Berlin Victory Column covered in fresh yellow paint, after a controversial demonstration by Greenpeace demanding an end to coal power plants.


Activists from the environmental organization are thought to have poured out around 3,500 litres of paint around the Victory Column - an iconic monument in the central Tiergarten park - in a call for sustainable climate action and a hasty phase out of the use of coal.

Colouring the streets yellow. Photo:DPA

Greenpeace’s demonstration comes as the German federal government’s coal commission is set to meet for the first time on Tuesday to discuss a phase out plan for coal usage.

The coal commission must make a concrete decision by the end of the year as to a date for the phase out of coal used in energy production. They must also create a road map for the phase out and suggest new job prospects within coal regions.

“The drawn-out phase out of coal is ruining Germany’s climate record and is halting the modernization of our energy system to one fuelled by solar and wind power”, commented Greenpeace speaker Christoph von Lieven.

Greenpeace’s motto is “Sun instead of coal”, and their paint job hopes to reflect this; a view from the sky shows the yellow paint around the Victory Column forming an image of the sun.

Drivers of cars, motorcycles and bicycles alike, forced to drive and ride especially slowly, reacted angrily to the paint-filled traffic lanes, as the wet paint resulted in skid hazards and the involuntary yellowing of their vehicles, reported Tagesspiegel

According to details released by the police, the demonstration began around 7:30am and road safety conditions were being checked. At least one cyclist has already fallen off their bicycle due to the slippery road conditions. She is said to be in shock but not injured, reports the Tagesspiegel.

The clean up of the roads is proving to cause further difficulties, as the water used to remove the paint is making the roads even more slippery.

No comment has been made as to how this incident will be treated by police and nobody has been arrested so far.

Greenpeace has assured people that the paint is eco, washable and environment-friendly. Whether this puts the minds of cyclists and road cleaners at rest is yet to be seen.


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[email protected] 2018/06/27 11:33
Although hard to believe, in an irony-free country I must assume that Arman is serious - Chernobyl and Fukuyama be damned. If so, didn´t his parents teach him about the dangers of playing with fire?
[email protected] 2018/06/26 19:13
Bring back nuclear power plants!!!

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