Headless doll provokes wide-scale investigation in Baden-Württemberg

A life-sized, headless doll led investigators on a wild-goose-chase in town a small town near Stuttgart on Monday evening.

Headless doll provokes wide-scale investigation in Baden-Württemberg
A headless doll was mistaken for a corpse in Baden-Württemberg. Photo: DPA
After finding a suspected corpse in Baden-Wüttemberg, police and fire brigades have called off the investigation – because the body was actually a decapitated doll.
A local walker called emergency services after he believed he had found a dead body on the edge of river Rems near the town of Weinstadt, about 25 minutes outside of Stuttgart.
Around the same time as the call, a police patrol was driving through the area and also reported a headless figure near the river bank. 
No one at the time was able to make out that the body without-a-head was, in fact, a life-sized doll.
“It looked just like a human corpse,” said a police spokesperson in the area.
It was already dark by the time the would-be crime was reported to police investigators, likely inhibiting their ability to see the toy for what it was. 
According to the report, the apparent-corpse was lying in the run-off water of an inaccessible drainage pipe, and could only be seen from a distance. 
Fire rescuers eventually gained access to the pipe system from other end – at which point they were able to determine that the headless body was that of a figurine. 
Why the doll was headless, or lying in a pipe system on the edge of the Rem river, remains unclear.

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