Do you know Merkel’s cabinet better than the Germans?

Do you know Merkel's cabinet better than the Germans?
Photo: DPA
Think you know your Spahns from your Seehofers and your Giffeys from your Barleys? Take our picture quiz and see if you know Angela Merkel's fourth cabinet better than the average German voter.

Angela Merkel’s fourth government is now nearly a month old, but a recent poll by Forsa has revealed that most Germans do not know who is in the cabinet.

42 per cent of voters and 62 per cent of 18-29-year-olds were unable to name a single cabinet minister.

So how well do you know the cabinet known as Merkel IV? Who moans about English speaking waiters, who sees “hundreds of thousands of Angela Merkels”, and who the hell is Gerd Müller

Test your knowledge of Merkel’s cabinet in our picture quiz, and see if you can beat the average German voter.