Munich residents have just been spared Germany’s most annoying bit of bureaucracy

Munich residents have just been spared Germany’s most annoying bit of bureaucracy
Through a new online service, Munich residents can save themselves a lot of time and hassle by not going to the Bürgeramt.

Moving to Munich? Or from one flat in the city to the next?

One of the biggest nuisances for people who have just moved homes Germany is the Anmeldung, or registration of one's address at a new location. The whole process has to be completed within two weeks of making the move, usually before your big boxes are even unpacked.

But now many Münchner can truly adhere to Germany efficiency, simply registering their address through through the Munich city website in the districts of Pasing, Leonrodstraße, Riesenfeldstraße und Forstenrieder. They can also pay the fee for it online. Easy breezy.

When The Local perused the website on Wednesday, we found the registration process as simple as it was advertised to be, once we landed on the Terminvereinbarung (arrange an appointment) page.

We clicked on the first category for Meldeangelegenheiten (registration matters) and were given a list which included a single person, single person with a car, and a family. 

The categories also included Abmeldung (de-registering of an address) and a page to request a Meldebescheinigung, or the document that is required at another German giant of bureaucracy, the Ausländerbehörde (foreigner’s office) in order to apply for a visa.

Each category will include a list of PDF documents required – simply print them out, fill them in and mail them to the address included on the forms. 

But the red tape cutting doesn’t end there. Munich residents can also spare themselves a bit of bureaucracy by requesting birth, marriage and death certificates, and even a document needed to declare religious beliefs for tax purposes. All of the categories are neatly listed on the website, though at least for now only available in German.