Berlin and Brandenburg boasted most hours of sun this winter

Berlin and Brandenburg boasted most hours of sun this winter
Sunrise in Brandenburg. Photo: DPA
Brandenburg has logged a record number of hours of sun this winter, with Berlin just barely trailing behind.

Those craving some extra Vitamin D this winter in Germany will have had the best luck in Brandenburg. According to a report released this week from the German Weather Service (DWD), the German state has counted the most hours of sun in the winter of 2017-2018, or 205 hours

Metereological Spring started on March 1st.

Berlin trailed only shortly behind, logging 200 sunny hours, and Saxony – the state of Dresden and Leipzig – counted 185 hours of sun. Germany-wide, there was an average of 170 hours.

In February, Berlin and Brandenburg logged a historically high number of sunny hours, despite the bitter cold temperatures. Brandenburg's bright days led it to boast a winter temperature above the average of previous years, of 1.8C compared to 0.1C. The German average this winter has been 1.6C.

This winter Brandenburg has also been Germany's driest state, with only 105 litres of rain falling per square metre. The rest of Germany had a greater need for umbrellas this winter, logging 195 litres of rainfall per square metre.