Cold snap: lows of -20C set to hit Germany starting at the weekend

Cold snap: lows of -20C set to hit Germany starting at the weekend
A person fishing at Müritz Lake in 2013. Photo: DPA
It might be wise to dress warmly for the next few days; the temperature is predicted to drop dramatically in Deutschland.

A cold snap is forecast for the weekend ahead and from Sunday onward, the country will experience a freeze-up period, the German Weather Service (DWD) reported on Wednesday.

Temperatures in the evening in the next few days could drop in some areas to as low as -20C, according to Die Welt newspaper.

But even during the day it will be frosty outside and “feel much colder than it is,” a DWD meteorologist said.

The reason for the cold snap is that a strong current from the north and northeast is on its way, bringing with it bitterly cold air from Finland, Sweden and Russia. On Wednesday morning temperatures in regions encompassed by the passing current were measured at between -10C and -20C.

This cold air is heading for central Europe and will arrive in Germany at the weekend, according to the DWD. Then it will be remain frosty at least until Thursday of next week, though in some areas the freeze-up may last even longer.

Highs in Germany predicted by DWD later in the day on Saturday. Image: DWD

A similar marked drop in temperatures occurred in late winter of 2013, when the country experienced a very cold February and March.

As to whether the current cold snap means Germany is likely to see very cold temperatures again in the following weeks, the DWD states that it's too early to tell.

There is some good news, though. Cloudy skies across the country seem to be over for the time being with sunny skies in many parts of Germany, meteorologists state.

Possible snowfall is moreover only predicted in two regions: on the Baltic Sea coast and in the Bavarian Alps.