1 cent döner: police calm crowds after kebab shop opens with very generous offer

1 cent döner: police calm crowds after kebab shop opens with very generous offer
Döner. Photo: DPA
Police in the city of Osnabrück had to clear crowds in front of a new döner kebab shop on Tuesday, after about 150 hungry people packed the street outside, eager to get their hands on a döner for only €0.01.

At 12pm, two hours before the kebab shop’s official opening, people were already lining up in front of ‘Made in Bärlin.’ The takeaway had advertised it would be selling its döner sandwiches on Tuesday for only one cent and all of its earnings would be donated to a local children’s hospice.

When the fast food joint finally opened its doors at 2pm, there were about 150 people – the majority of them school pupils – crowded outside, reports the Osnabrücker Zeitung (OZ).

But even before ‘Made in Bärlin’ welcomed its first ever customers, a young girl had to be brought inside due to bruises she’d sustained from being squished amongst the large group of eager people.

“The last ten minutes before the opening were tough,” a 15-year-old pupil named Jonah told OZ, who paid €0.01 for his döner and donated another €3.

At the 2pm opening, even the efforts of the owners and the employees weren’t enough to calm the crowd down, as people were shouting and pushing each other in order to get into the shop.

Half an hour later, the owners changed their strategy and decided to open their doors every so often and let in about ten people at a time.

It was around this time that the police arrived at the scene to try to get the situation under control.

When the officers got there, they were faced with hungry döner enthusiasts not only blocking the pavement and the bike lane in front of the shop, but also spilling out onto the streets without regard for oncoming traffic. No arrests were made.

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