Man dies after getting trapped in clothing donations container

Man dies after getting trapped in clothing donations container
File photo of a charity clothing bin in Berlin. Photo: DPA.
The lifeless man was found trapped upside-down in the container, police in Hesse reported on Thursday.

Witnesses in the city of Wetzlar alerted the police and emergency services on Tuesday when they realized a person was stuck inside the container.

But initial attempts made by the police and firefighters to pull the 40-year-old out of the charity clothing bin failed.

Members of the fire brigade proceeded to cut the container open using special tools. Once the man was freed, a doctor immediately performed resuscitation procedures on him.

It was too late however as the man at that point had died, police said.

Police believe that in an effort to get his hands on the clothes inside the container, the man had leaned in and the upper part of his body accidentally got caught in its chute.

Initial investigation findings indicate that the victim had been clamped down around his abdomen, which is likely why he could not free himself and got stuck head-first.

Clothing containers are designed in such a way to prevent people from removing donations once they’ve been dropped in.