Heavy rain and strong winds on the way for much of Germany

Heavy rain and strong winds on the way for much of Germany
Rainy conditions along the Baltic Sea close to Rostock. Photo: DPA.
The German Weather Service (DWD) predicts that the next few days will see variable, windy and wet weather across the country with possible flooding in some rivers.

Have your umbrella at the ready; DWD expects heavy precipitation coming from the west to fall across Germany as early as Wednesday morning.

Meteorologists warn motorists to be prepared for plenty of rain as well as strong wind gusts reaching 60 km/h in the lowlands, along the coasts and in the mountains.

The forecast follows precipitation in the form of snow across much of the country last weekend which led to chaotic situations not only for those travelling on the streets, but also for plane and rail travellers.

On Tuesday the flood reporting centre along the Mosel River in Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, recorded declining water levels after reaching a peak of about 6.7 metres.

After much of the ice and snow had thawed by Monday, some rivers across the Bundesrepublik – including the Kinzig river in Hesse – were flooded.

In and around Trier several roads had to be closed due to the flooding. Since more rain is forecast to fall starting on Wednesday, the flood reporting centre said it would keep a close eye on the situation.

Rising water levels are also expected for the Rhine river. In Koblenz on Wednesday evening, water levels will likely reach a peak, said Martin Klimmer from the General Directorate of Waterways and Navigation (GDWS).

As for the rest of the country, it’s a good possibility the variable, rainy and windy conditions will continue on until the weekend, report DWD.

In the lowlands, some snowflakes may even trickle down. But another icy, slippery weekend with snow-covered roads is not in the forecast, said DWD meteorologist Anna Wieczorek.

On the question of whether Germany will have a white Christmas this year, it is too early to predict, added Wieczorek.