PODCAST: ‘How the EU isn’t skewering the döner kebab’

In this week's podcast we look into a viral story that (falsely) proclaimed the possible end of an iconic German fast food.

PODCAST: 'How the EU isn't skewering the döner kebab'
Photo: DPA

This week on Europe Edition, James, Ben and the team look at Europe's weirdest Christmas traditions with our wandering Euro-expert Alex Macbeth.
Also, are French schools proving that strict discipline isn't the key to success? Ben McPartland gives us the lowdown.
Is the EU about to ban Germany's beloved döner kebab? Jörg Luyken gets to the truth, and explains the German love affair with this iconic fast food.
And James Savage explains why IKEA furniture is the best way to learn Swedish.
Presenters: James Savage and Ben McPartland.