Summer in November? Temperatures predicted to reach 20C in southern Germany

Summer in November? Temperatures predicted to reach 20C in southern Germany
Photo: DPA.
Given the recent chilly conditions in Germany and the first snows of the season in parts of the country, it may come as a surprise that unusually mild temperatures could be seen across the country later this week.

The German Weather Service (DWD) predicts that polar winds will keep temperatures low on Monday evening with thick cloud and the possibility of sleet in the north-west, and showers across the south-west. 

Snow is likely to fall on high ground across the country with temperatures around freezing but there is also a possibility of a little snowfall on lower ground in the north-east.

Tuesday is likely to be fairly wet and windy, particularly in the west of Germany and on high ground, but with these winds comes warmer weather as they will, effectively, blow the cold air away.

Conditions are predicted to be dry in the east and temperatures will range from 4C along the Neisse river to 12C on the Rhine.

As milder air from the Azores and the Iberian Penninsula moves in, temperatures are expected to jump up to 12C in southern Bavaria on Wednesday, reaching highs of 10C to 15C in the foothills of the Alps, 9C in the north-west and 10C on the north coast.

Further spikes in temperature are predicted on Thursday in areas across the south, reaching 17C and even 19C on the windward side of mountains, reports the Augsburger Allgemeine.

The weather situation is changing and the unusually mild weather is a big topic of discussion for meteorologists, Dominik Jung from told Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (MZ). 

“On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will reach peak values near the 20-degree mark in the west and southwest and thus record values for the current season.” 

The so-called “November Summer” isn't expected to hang around, however, as by the end of the weekend temperatures should have returned to normal, ranging from 2C to 6C during the day, with lows of -3C during the night.