High-speed train from Munich to Berlin abandoned after it hits wild boar

Hundreds of passengers on a high-speed ICE train between Munich and Berlin had to disembark on an empty stretch of track on Tuesday evening, after a collision with some wild boars incapacitated the locomotive.

High-speed train from Munich to Berlin abandoned after it hits wild boar
Photo: DPA

“The ICE train is unfortunately no longer in a condition to drive,” the federal police reported on Twitter on Tuesday evening.

With no hope in sight of continuing their journey with the stricken locomotive, around 400 passengers had to alight from the train where it stood on a stretch of track kilometres from the nearest station. They then boarded a train which was heading from Basel in Switzerland to the German capital.

When the passengers eventually reached Berlin, they were four hours behind their scheduled arrival time of 8.29pm.

No one was injured in the collision, police say. It is unclear how many wild boar were killed in the collision, but it appears to have been more than one.

The stretch of track between Rathenow and Schönhausen in Saxony-Anhalt was blocked off until after midnight, after which one of the tracks was opened.

“Due to the fact that traffic is lower in the evening, we were able to divert all of the trains,” said a spokesperson for Deutsche Bahn.

The track on which the accident took place was closed down until 4am, as a cable was damaged in the collision. Trains were expected to be running on schedule again on Wednesday morning.

Regarding reasons for a train delay, it certainly makes a better story to tell than “leaves on the line”.