November rain: gloomy weather expected across Germany this week

November rain: gloomy weather expected across Germany this week
Photo: DPA
The weather is set to be distinctly cloudy and damp for the next few days, the German Weather Service (DWD) predicts.

The DWD predicts this Monday evening will be mostly cloudy in south and east Germany with some light rain in southeast Bavaria and a chance of snow above 900m.

Temperatures are expected to drop in the night to between 4C and -3C  and there will be widespread frost in the north and west of the country.

Tuesday will be cloudy but this should clear in places in the north and the west of Germany, allowing some sun to shine through. During the day, temperatures will be between 4C and 11C and there is a high chance of rain in Baden-Württemberg. Temperatures in the night will range from 7C on the coast to -1C in the Alps.

On Wednesday, it will be cloudy and overcast, with chillier temperatures ranging from 3C to 9C in the daytime, with some rain falling in central and southern Germany. Thick cloud will start to set in come Wednesday evening and some mist is expected. The air will cool overnight with highs between 0C and 6C and lows of -2C at higher altitudes.

Skies will continue to be overcast on Thursday morning but conditions will stay mostly dry. More widespread rain will begin in the northwest in the afternoon and temperatures will range from 4C to 10C across the country, with some moderate winds blowing in from the west and strong gusts on the coast.

There will be more rain in the northwest on Friday and a few showers across the rest of Germany, but temperatures are predicted to get a little warmer, ranging from 6C to 12C. Heavy winds are to be expected, with strong gusts once again on the coast and high ground.

Saturday is also set to be rather dark and stormy. The clouds should begin to disperse in the northwest over the course of the day, but there will still be occasional thunderstorms and strong winds. Some sleet is also expected, and on higher ground there's a high chance of snowfall. Temperatures for Saturday range from 6C to 11C but will be around 3C in mountain areas. 

More rain and sleet are predicted for Sunday morning, with the possibility of some short thunderstorms and more heavy wind. Snow is also again predicted in the Alps. Temperatures are expected to range from 0C to 6C. 

Good news for next week, however, as the sun is supposed to shine next Monday and thunderstorms are expected to hold off.