First snow of the season coats ski resort in south Germany

After some unseasonably pleasant weather last week, the first signs of the upcoming winter have arrived, as the maiden snowfall of the season has hit the Black forest.

First snow of the season coats ski resort in south Germany
Feldberg. Source: DPA

Almost two months before the official start of winter, snow has reached Baden-Württemberg’s biggest ski resort of Feldberg in the Black Forest. This snowfall, according to the German Weather Service (DWD), is the first snowfall after summer. 

The 1,493m tall peak is part of Germany's highest mountain range and was covered with a thin layer of snow on Monday, although not yet enough for anyone to go skiing or tobogganing on.

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Snow in this location isn't too unusual at this time of year.

In the rest of Germany, the weather remains very autumnal as the start of the week will be mostly cloudy and rainy.

The DWD forecasts thick clouds and patchy rain for Tuesday for most of the country, with some gaps in the cloud along the upper Rhine.

Temperatures will range from 10C to 17C at midday with lows of 8C in higher mountain ranges, according to DWD predictions.

The outlook from Wednesday to Friday. Source DWD

Wednesday will be slightly more pleasant but will start off rainy with thick cloud continuing. Temperatures should rise to 13C-18C, with highs of 20 degrees in the upper Rhine region and the cloud should disperse over the course of the day, allowing the sun to shine sporadically through.

Thursday will also be cloudy, but the clouds are set to disperse with temperatures from 13-20C, with higher temperatures being seen in the south of the country. 

Try and make the most of the rays down south as Friday is supposed to be rather gloomy nationwide, as strong cloud spreads across Germany and rainfall well and truly sets in.

The DWD paints a similar picture for the weekend as the weather is expected to be volatile, with showers over both days. There will also be gusty and sometimes stormy winds coming in from the west.
There is also the possibility of a light frost as nighttime temperatures of between 7C and 2C are expected. 


Weather: Germany sees extreme heat and storms

An extreme heat warning was in place for eastern Germany on Monday, while storms were also set to hit the country.

Weather: Germany sees extreme heat and storms

The German Weather Service (DWD) said temperatures could reach 36C on Monday. 

In the morning, the DWD issued an extreme heat warning for eastern regions, as shown below in the map. 

Map of Germany shows the heat warning in the east on Monday June 27th.

Photo: German Weather Service (DWD)

Forecasters said later on Monday, the south and east of the country would be hit by thunderstorms as well as large hailstones, strong winds and heavy rain.

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In the north, west and centre of Germany, forecasters predicted clouds and some showers. Over the course of Monday, heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain, hailstones and strong winds are also possible in the north.

“Thunderstorms have occurred in the past few days and will continue in the coming days, as the established weather situation will remain virtually unchanged,” said a spokesperson from the DWD. 

However, the large temperature differences are striking: in the west of Germany, the mercury will only reach just above 20C in places.

Overnight to Tuesday, the DWD predicts thunderstorms – some of them heavy – from the Baltic Sea to the Alps, and later there is set to be more showers. It could still reach 28C in some places, especially in the east.

The DWD said: “The risk of thunderstorms will remain in the southern half of the country, while the northern half will calm down after the last thunderstorms have moved to Poland.

“This will change again on Wednesday night, when showers and thunderstorms, some of them thundery, as well as heavy rain will make their way north. On Wednesday, it will be quite unsettled with muggy temperatures almost all over the country.”

Forecasters said the weather will remain changeable for the rest of the week, but it should become more settled from next weekend.