Bavarian smashes world record by carrying 70kg of beer at historic festival

Bavarian smashes world record by carrying 70kg of beer at historic festival
Oliver Strümpfel. Photo: DPA.
A Bavarian man broke the world record for carrying the largest number of beer jugs over 40 metres at a beer festival in Abensberg on Sunday.

Hundreds of spectators cheered on 45-year-old tax inspector Oliver Strümpfel as he carried a total of 29 jugs, breaking his own world record.

In his first attempt, Strümpfel had set a new world record by carrying 27 jugs. The previous world record was 25 beer-filled jugs, set in 2014.

Half an hour after his first attempt, in his second attempt Strümpfel carried 29 jugs – and would have managed 31 if one glass hadn’t fallen down and if 10 percent of the contents of another glass hadn’t sloshed out.

The rules state that no more than 10 percent of the beer contained in a glass is allowed to splash out. A single empty glass weighs 1.3kg.

A judge and a notary were present to officially confirm the record feat.

The Gillamoos Fair in Abensberg is one of Bavaria’s oldest beer fairs, dating back to around 1313. The fair also has Christian roots, having evolved from a pilgrimage.

Over the past few months, Strümpfel had been regularly training both in strength and technique.

Determined to break another world record next year, he admits he hasn’t yet reached his limit.

“I know I can carry more than 30 jugs,” he said.

Despite difficulties placing the beers on a table after the operation, Strümpfel managed to avoid excessive spillage. But whether anyone drank all 70kg of beer afterward is unknown.