Police hunt for murder suspect who left pieces of prostitute’s body around Hamburg

Police hunt for murder suspect who left pieces of prostitute's body around Hamburg
Hamburg police searching along the Elbe River after the discovery of body parts. Photo: TNN/DPA.
Hamburg may have its own version of 'Jack the Ripper', as police have so far found a new body part almost every day this week belonging to a 48-year-old prostitute.

Police on Thursday said they had found a seventh piece of the body of a 48-year-old prostitute, identified in local media as Lucy.

A police spokeswoman said that they still do not have any “hot” clues to unravel the mystery.

Before she was reported missing on August 1st, she had been working as a prostitute.

Investigators believe that the culprit probably hacked the 48-year-old woman to pieces and distributed the pieces around the harbour city over the waterways. The places where the body parts have been found are located at least 20 kilometres away from each other. DNA tests have proven the parts to all be from the same person.

The first discovery was made by a passerby last week along the shore of the Elbe River, leading police to find yet another body part in the area. Then another passerby found a torso by a canal on Monday evening, followed by further findings by another canal as well as by a watergate.

The map below shared by broadcaster Ntv shows the various locations where the body parts were found.

Lucy was a citizen of Equatorial Guinea in west Africa, but had lived in Spain before coming to Hamburg, according to the Hamburger Morgenpost. Before her death, she had been working in the St. Georg neighbourhood of Hamburg as a sex worker, which is legal in Germany.

Her family in Spain has come to Hamburg amid the investigation, and relatives have been interviewed by investigators.