9 events you won’t want to miss across Germany this August

9 events you won't want to miss across Germany this August
Cranger Kirmes is one of the largest folk festivals in Germany. Photo: DPA
There's still time to enjoy what remains of summer in Germany. Here's a list of what's worth seeing in August.

1. Long Night of the Museums, Berlin, August 19th

Visitors stand in line in front of the Bode Museum in Berlin. Photo: DPA.

More than 100 Berlin museums are opening their doors to visitors from 6pm until 2am the next morning during the long night of the museums.

In the 37th edition of the event, concerts, readings and plays will take place in the vicinity of many of the museums. Wandering through the wonders of the Berlin's cultural centres in the deep of the night is an experience not to be missed.

2. The International Berlin Beer Festival, August 4th – 6th

Photo: DPA

Berlin hates to see Munich do anything better than it. And the International Beer Festival is certainly giving Oktoberfest a run for its money. Karl-Marx-Allee will be closed off from Strausberger Platz all the way to Frankfurter Tor, where a 2.2-kilometre stretch will be opened up for 340 brewers from 87 different countries.

Some 800,000 guests are expected for the three-day booze-athon.

3. Tanz im August, Berlin, August 11th – September 2nd

At this dance festival, visitors can discover dance styles from across the world. You can also attend conversations with the artists as well as film showings and parties. On the line-up this year are La Ribot, Serge Aimé Coulibaly, Cie Zora and other famed movers and shakers from around the globe.

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4. Sommer in Altona, Hamburg, July 30th – August 30th


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In the park at Nobistor in Altona, a circus tent will be erected for music, dancing and jokes all on offer, the city says. If the opening days are anything to go by, the festival looks set to offer some truly great music, with Nashville band Lambchop playing on August 1st.

Also on the lineup are Berlin electro-pop duo Me and My Drummer.

5. Boulder World Cup, Munich, August 18th – 19th


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Some of the most athletic climbers in the world will descend on Munich for this epic display of muscle and flexibility. The athletes will be climbing without ropes on artificial boulders up to four metres high in the Olympic Stadium.

6. Fünf Seen (Five Lakes) Film Festival, Upper Bavaria, July 27th – August 5th

The district of Starnberg on the shores of a lake outside Munich is hosting the eleventh edition of this film festival. Special guest this year are Eva Mattes, best known as a muse to Werner Herzog and Oscar-winning Hungarian director István Szabó, proving yet again that the region can punch well above its weight when it comes to pulling in big names.

Screenings are held around the area, and even on the steamers which chug up and down the famous lake.

7. Cranger Kirmes, Herne (NRW), August 3rd – 13th

Cranger Kirmes is one of the largest folk festivals in Germany. Photo: DPA

If you want to head to a festival with history, make sure you find your way to North Rhine-Westphalia’s biggest Volksfest, which is turning 582 years old.

At the Cranger Kirmes, you will be provided with more Ferris wheels, roller coasters and bumper cars than you can shake a candy floss stick at. There is also set to be plenty of beer on offer, and you might well need more than a few swigs of it to make the Schlager music a bit more palatable.

8. Pyro Games, Cleebronn (Baden-Württemberg), August 5th


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Marvel at the dark night sky bursting into brilliant colour when talented firework-makers battle it out to be crowned champion of the Pyro Games. The firework contest, otherwise known as the “duel of the pyrotechnicians”, involves teams that compete to showcase the most innovative and creative fireworks.

If you can't make it down south to Cleebronn, don't fret. Pyro Games will also take place this month in Zinnowitz on August 12th, in Soltau on August 19th, and in Rostock on August 26th.

9. Apple Wine Festival, Frankfurt, August 11th – 20th

Glasses of apple wine and a Bembel on a table outdoors in Frankfurt. Photo: DPA

In Frankfurt, apple wine is so popular the city has even created a festival that pays tribute to the revered drink.

But drinks involving apple wine aren't the only things on offer at this festival. There will also be live music and performances as well as utensils for sale such as the tradition Bembel earthenware jugs in which apple wine is typically served.