Three arrested after car drives down stairs of Berlin U-Bahn station

Three arrested after car drives down stairs of Berlin U-Bahn station
The scene of the crash in Berlin Spandau. Photo: DPA
During a police chase on Sunday evening a car drove down a flight of stairs into a Berlin underground station. Police had been chasing the vehicle because the license plate was marked as wanted.

The Ford Fiesta smashed into a pillar at the bottom of a flight of stairs in the Rathaus Spandau U-Bahn station, where it came to a stop, police report. Nobody was injured in the crash.

According to the fire services there were many people in the station at the time, with one man having to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

“It is only through sheer luck that nothing worse happened,” a fire services spokesperson said.

The chase started when a police patrol vehicle passed a car with a licence plate which was listed on their wanted register. Police believe that the driver lost control of the vehicle as he attempted to thrown off the police vehicle. He was arrested along with two other occupants of the car.

It was left to the fire services to get the little Ford back out of the station. They built a ramp down the stairs before using a steel cable to pull the vehicle back out.

The incident follows a similar accident at the end of May when a car drove down the stairs of Bernauer Strasse U-Bahn station in central Berlin. Several people were injured in that accident.