Thunderstorms to sweep Germany from Munich to Berlin on Thursday

Thunderstorms to sweep Germany from Munich to Berlin on Thursday
File photo of lightning over Munich: DPA.
The sunny weather on Wednesday is set to turn grey by Thursday as German forecasters predict thunderstorms across most of the country.

While Germany is experiencing sunshine and mild temperatures in the mid-20s on Wednesday, the picture for Thursday looks much wetter with storms set to rumble in, from Munich to Berlin and up to Hamburg, according to the German Weather Service (DWD).

Rain is already predicted to start falling in the west around Hanover and Bremen, as well as in the east around Dresden by Wednesday night. The DWD warns that the north, central and eastern parts of the country should be prepared for heavy rains and potential hail.

But at least it will be warm rains falling, with highs of 26C set for Munich, and up to 30C in Berlin.

By Friday morning, the skies should be at least partially sunny again throughout most of Germany, though storms are forecast again for Friday evening around Stuttgart and in northern Bavaria.

Saturday is also currently predicted to be rainy and stormy, though also warm, across the country, including in Cologne, Stuttgart, Hanover and Berlin.

The initial predictions for Sunday are also not looking too cheery: DWD forecasts more rain and thunderstorms from south to north then as well.

DWD forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday: