Volkswagen recalls 770,000 cars due to braking problem

Volkswagen confirmed on Thursday that it is recalling nearly 770,000 cars worldwide due to a problem with their braking control systems.

Volkswagen recalls 770,000 cars due to braking problem
Photo: DPA

The German car manufacturer is recalling 766,000 cars globally after a problem was detected in the anti-lock brake systems, a company spokesperson confirmed to Reuters.

The cars will be given a software update after it was discovered that the braking control system may not work properly in some driving conditions.

These conditions could include when the driver under-steers, over-steers, or slams on the brakes.

The affected cars include VW-brand vehicles, as well as Audis and Skodas – both brands that belong to the Wolfsburg-based automaker.

DPA originally reported late last week that Volkswagen had recalled 385,000 cars in Germany alone due to braking problems.

In Switzerland, the company have recalled 22,000 cars, local media reported on Wednesday.