Customs in Frankfurt to destroy 35 tonnes of unsafe Fidget Spinners

Customs in Frankfurt to destroy 35 tonnes of unsafe Fidget Spinners
A fidget spinner with an LED light. Photo: DPA
Customs officials at Frankfurt airport have recently seized huge quantities of unsafe fidget spinners, with 35 tons worth of the gadget being classed as unsafe at the airport in May alone.

The hand-held spinning tops are currently very popular with children, and recently German merchants have struggled to keep up with demand for the toy.

The flat, palm-sized gadgets look like a cross between a propeller and a ninja's throwing star, and are balanced on the fingers and spun around. In some cases, the colourful wheels swirl for up to several minutes at a time.  

Manufacturers claim that they help kids to alleviate symptoms of hyperactivity, ADHD, or autism.

According to employees of the Central Customs Office on Friday, some of the LED lights in the spinners could be so easily unhinged that small children could have swallowed them. According to customs, the spinners arrived in several import shipments from China.

The CE mark, required for the protection of consumers, was also missing, according to a statement by Christine Straß from the Central Customs Office in Frankfurt-am-Main in a press release

Information about the manufacturer could not be found on the product or the packaging. The fidget spinners are now set to be destroyed.