Berlin woman named European champion of tram driving

Berlin woman named European champion of tram driving
Apparently this is tram-bowling. Photo: European Tram Driver Championship.
Only in Europe would such a competition exist.

Berliner Franka Sonntag can now call herself the best tram driver in Europe after she beat out her competition to be named the best female driver in the European Tram Driver Championship on Sunday, Tagesspiegel reported.

The competition on the Spanish island of Tenerife, pitting different individuals and teams from different European cities against one another to test their skills in categories like acceleration, ability to determine the distance between tram and obstacles, and even something called tram-bowling.

Franka Sonntag winning the competition for female drivers. Photo: European Tram Driver Championship

But Sonntag's 33 years of experience was not quite enough for her to sweep the competition in all areas. She and her teammate came in second place in the team competition, out-trammed by their Parisian opponents.

After the glory and fame of her win, Sonntag is now reportedly again driving her yellow BVG tram through the streets of Berlin like a normal person, according to Tagesspiegel.