Weekend of sun to be eclipsed by cloud and rain

Weekend of sun to be eclipsed by cloud and rain
Photo: DPA
Germany may have just had a weekend of summer sun, but weather reports show that the country can expect a week of cloud cover and in some parts rain.

Some areas of Germany saw temperatures in the low 30s this weekend, as many people took to public parks and lakes to enjoy perhaps a hint of the incoming summer.

The pattern for the upcoming week seems to be that although temperatures will stay in the 20s, clouds will start to block out the sun, bringing showers and some weather warnings with it, according to the German Weather Agency (DWD).

Monday showed signs of this trend already, with high temperatures of between 29-35C in some parts of the country.

However, while the country is set to remain warm, storms will start to move in on Tuesday in the southeast, west and north.

Weather report for Tuesday. 

Tuesday will see a real mixed bag of weather around the country. In the northwest there will be heavy cloud with potentially some thunder and rain. In the afternoon and evening, the rain in the region will start to dry up and get nicer again.

The south, temperatures will climb to highs of 28-33C, with the rest of the country seeing temperatures of between 24-28C. Coastal areas will see lower temperatures around the 20C mark.

Tuesday evening will see the rains largely subsiding and moving towards the south and east, but the DWD issued weather warnings for areas south of the Danube for Wednesday due to heavy rainstorms.

The rest of Germany will largely remain cloudy and dry, with some spots of sun making an appearance. Temperatures will remain high though, around 20-27C, with southern Germany being the hottest.

Wednesday night will see the warm weather in the south dashed as rain and thunder starts to move in over the region. Temperatures will drop down to lows of 9C.

It’ll be the same story during Thursday, where the south of Germany will see many showers, and cloud cover, but the rest of the country will be dry with little sun.

Temperatures on Thursday will also be relatively high considering the lack of sun, with highs of between 21-27C.

Thursday night will see the south receive even more cloud, while the north will see only thin cover. Temperatures could also drop down to 5C.

Forecast for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday