Temperatures at last set to rise into the 20s, but followed by storms

Temperatures at last set to rise into the 20s, but followed by storms
Lightning strikes in Stuttgart in June 2016. Photo: DPA
After the thunderstorms forecast for this weekend disperse, Germany will be rewarded with warm temperatures and clear skies.

Warm, calm weather will arrive within the next week, reports the German Weather Service (DWD), bringing some joy to a so-far cloudy May.

Though the weekend is set to bring thunderstorms, by Tuesday we should be enjoying fairer weather with the highest temperature expected to reach a pleasant 26C on Wednesday May 17th.

Back to this week, on Wednesday, southern, western and central areas have been basking in sun, though the north and east will still see some heavy clouds. Temperatures lay between 9C in the north and east, and 21C along the Rhine, reports the DWD

Thursday brings partly cloudy but dry weather in most places, with some rain in Western Pomerania. Clouds will gather and some showers will develop in the southwest in the course of the day. Temperatures will find themselves between 16C in Western Pomerania and 22C in the southwest.

The DWD predicts partly cloudy but dry weather for most areas on Thursday.  

Friday will see thunderstorms and overcast weather in some areas, though temperatures will still be mild at 14C on the coast and 22C in the south and southwest. In the north, the sun should shine during the day and bring dry weather.

Saturday will see a continuation of the dramatic weather, bringing thunderstorms with mainly overcast skies and rain in the north. Temperatures will lie between 18C and 24C, or 12C to 17C by the sea.

Sunday will begin with light showers and overcast skies, but the thunderstorms will return in the afternoon, with temperatures reaching 17C to 23C. 

The thunderstorm predictions arrive after 133 flights were cancelled due to the threat of lightening in Frankfurt last week. 

The DWD predictions for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Monday is set to be partly cloudy with some sun. The west and north will remain dry, but the south and east will experience rain and thunderstorms. Temperatures will be between 18C and 24C. 

On the night before Tuesday, the clouds will disperse and drier weather will prevail. Unfortunately during the day on Tuesday, the northwest will be under clouds and rain, but the rest of the country should enjoy sunny skies. Temperatures will be between 18C in the northeast and 25C in the southwest. 

By the end of the week though, the storms will return, accompanied by a temperature drop.