These are Germany’s most popular baby names of 2016

Germans once again stuck with tradition for naming their babies last year, as a new report shows.

These are Germany's most popular baby names of 2016
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The Association for the German Language (GfdS) on Wednesday released their list of the most popular baby names in the country.

The association surveyed more than one million names – or 97 percent of babies registered – given to little ones born in 2016 to come up with their top ten.

In total more than 65,000 different names were registered.

The top choice in names for baby girls was Marie, but it was followed closely behind by variations on the name Sofie and Sofia taking up second and third place, respectively.

Similar in sound to Marie, the name Maria came in at fourth place, followed in fifth by Emma.

For boys, the top choice was Elias, followed by Alexander, Maximilian, Paul and Leon.

See the top five names for girls and boys below:


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And 2016 wasn’t a year where more non-traditional names became mainstream.

“For girls as well as boys, there were no new entries in the top bracket,” the GfdS wrote in their report.

Marie has in fact made it to the top spot the most often over the 40 years that the list has been made, and and many of the others on the 2016 top ten list simply exchanged rankings compared to past years.

Still, this was the first year that Elias came out on top for male names. Christian and Maximilian have been the most beloved names for boys in the history of the list.

One name that shot up in popularity in particular in 2016 was Mohammed or Muhammed, which rose from 41st place the year before to reach 26th place.