Police hunt arsonist after series of fires flare up in east of Munich

Police hunt arsonist after series of fires flare up in east of Munich
A German fire crew. File photo: DPA
Authorities believe that a series of eight fires which have ripped through forests and fields in eastern Munich over recent weeks were started deliberately.

Since the start of April, tens of thousands of square metres of forest and field areas in the east of Munich have gone up in flames, police reported on Monday.

Due to the proximity of the fires to one another and the closeness in timing, police say it is unlikely that there is no link between them.

Special investigators have been sent to the scene of the blazes as soon as they break out, and police say that evidence has been secured at some of the sites.

Investigators are now urgently seeking possible suspects, with helicopters immediately sent into action when a new blaze is reported, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

Most recently, a fire broke out in a forest in Keferloh, burning around 11,000 square metres of trees. Sixty-six fire personnel fought the flames for hours, as strong winds repeatedly bellowed through the flames.

A day earlier, an area of land 600 square metres in size went up in flames in in Trudering, which is just half an hour away from Keferloh by foot.

On Saturday three fires broke out, all within the east of the city, and with more than 30,000 square metres of ground being scorched.

Police estimate the damage from series of fires – which started when bushes behind a sports hall were set alight on April 1st – totals €25,000 so far. Luckily though, no one has yet been hurt in the blazes.