AfD voters are the most adventurous in bed, study claims

German dating site ElitePartner has conducted a survey of its users based on their voting habits - and came to some surprising conclusions about their activities between the sheets.

AfD voters are the most adventurous in bed, study claims
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A record six parties could make it into the Bundestag (German parliament) at the national elections in September. This would be a record number, piling yet more confusion into Germany's already complicated political system.

But here to help is the ElitePartner Election Study released in March, which sheds a bit of light on the type of people who vote for this smorgasbord of political parties.

And the stand-out result is clearly that voters for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) are the most sexually adventurous Germans, with about 84 percent of them saying erotic pleasure is of great importance to them in a relationship.

In the report, based on interviews with 6,500 German internet users last autumn, a total of 42.9 percent of AfD voters claimed they had had sex in a car – a higher proportion than voters for any other party.

AfD voters were also most likely to have had sex in a changing room or a lift, and were second only to voters of the Free Democrats (FDP) in their penchant for sex on the beach.

Voters for the far-right party also tend to be fairly self-confident when it comes to their abilities to allure – 44 percent of them are convinced they could pick up a new partner quickly if they were to split from their current one.

At the same time, they placed the most value on physical attractiveness of all voters, with 70 percent saying it is important to them that their partner meets their physical expectations. And many aren’t afraid to pull the plug if their other half puts on a few pounds, with almost one in four saying they would do this.

Voters for Die Linke (Left Party) meanwhile, were the most likely to say that intelligence in a partner is important, as 94 percent said so. And 73 percent like whiling away the night discussing the works of Marx and Engels.

And they are clearly realistic enough to realize that all the intellectualism might not get the fires of passion burning – only 19 percent said they would separate from a partner if there had been a drought between the sheets.

Voters for the two main parties, the Social Democrats (SPD) and Angela Merkel’s CDU, were notable mainly for their solidly unspectacular tastes when it comes to love and lust.

Two in every three CDU voters expect to have children with their current partner, the highest of all the voter groups. They were most likely to stay loyal too – only 16 percent have cheated on a partner, the lowest proportion of all the voter groups.

SPD voters placed most importance on finding a partner who is also their best friend, and on personally developing through a relationship.

But apparently having sex in the Auto doesn't count as personal development for most of them – only 34 percent had gotten steamy behind the wind shield.