These German jobs pay women the least compared to men

These German jobs pay women the least compared to men
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On average in Germany women earn a fifth less than men, one of the worst rates in Europe. But what industries pay women the least compared to male colleagues?

Data collected recently by job search website StepStone shows that in every single one of the ten job sectors for which analysis was conducted, women were being paid less on average than men.

But there were big differences from industry to industry, with female doctors and medics struggling against the largest gender pay gaps in the country.

While a male doctor earns on average €95,167 per year, a female doctor takes home €64,490 – around 32 percent less money.

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Women working in finance also tend to get a raw deal, working for 28 percent less than the €71,000 male bankers pocket on average.

The pay gap was smallest in the IT sector. Here women can expect to earn around €56,329 compared to €63,398 for men – a difference of 11 percent.

The survey was based upon interviews with 50,000 leaders and management in full-time work during the third quarter of 2016.

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