This map shows where in Germany professionals earn the most

This map shows where in Germany professionals earn the most
Frankfurt am Main. Photo: DPA
If you are a professional worker or business leader in Germany, you're on an average salary of €52,000 before tax. But in which state would you earn the most in?

The figures compiled by job site StepStone and published by Statista on Tuesday show that Hesse is the state where skilled workers and business leaders are earning the biggest bucks.

In the central German state, powered by finance hub Frankfurt, the average skilled worker has €57,002 appear on their annual pay slip, again before tax.

At the other end of the table is Saxony-Anhalt. In the poor state in former East Germany, the average professional only earns €37,701 in a year.

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But the differences between sectors are rather large. A degree in medicine leads to an nationwide average salary of €79,500. Those who have studied law can also expect big rewards, with average salaries standing at €74,000.

At the bottom of the pile are those with educational qualifications, who earn on average €45,100. Someone with a degree in design can expect to earn more, but at €46,000, only just.

The figures were based on salary data from 50,000 professionals and business leaders in full-time employment.

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