Here’s why Grumpy Cat is in Berlin – and absolutely hates it

Here's why Grumpy Cat is in Berlin - and absolutely hates it
Grumpy Cat. Photo: DPA.
One of the most recognizable gloomy faces of the internet is making her debut in the hip German capital, but there will be no smiling selfies for this crabby kitty.

Grumpy Cat – actually named Tardar Sauce – is set to star in a calendar for German car manufacturer Opel, alongside the equally pouty Georgia May Jagger, the daughter of the famous Rolling Stone.

The calendar is being launched in Berlin with a series of events on Friday and Caturday – oops, Saturday – which will include DJs, dancing, and only naturally, a giant replica of Grumpy Cat.

Die Welt reported that party guests will be served drinks out of milk bottles and cookies from bowls while grumpy clowns will hand out balloons with the cat's famous saying “I had fun once, it was awful”.

Grumpy Cat herself wrote on Twitter this week to express her enthusiasm – or lack thereof.

The four-year-old Tardar Sauce gained international notoriety in 2012 when her picture was posted to social news site Reddit, and she was instantly turned into a meme.

Her displeased demeanor is said to be due to her underbite and feline dwarfism.

Since becoming an internet sensation, Grumpy Cat has collected nearly 9 million Facebook fans, more than 600,000 Twitter followers, a pet food sponsorship and her own line of merchandise.

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