This is how many Germans could be impacted by Trump’s travel bans

US President Donald Trump's temporary travel blocks will also impact over 100,000 Germans with two passports.

This is how many Germans could be impacted by Trump’s travel bans
Syrian and German passports. Photo: DPA.

Figures released by the German Interior Ministry on Monday show that almost 140,000 Germans with dual citizenship would be blocked if they attempted to travel to the US due to Trump’s recently imposed travel bans.

Trump's executive order issued on Friday suspends all refugee admissions into the United States for 120 days, bars all Syrians indefinitely, and blocks citizens of seven mostly Muslim countries for 90 days – including dual citizens.

The most recent data on Germans with dual citizenship comes from 2011, and shows that more than 80,000 Germans also have Iranian passports, 30,000 also have Iraqi passports, 25,000 have additional Syrian citizenship and more than 1,000 are also Sudanese.

Another 500 German-Somalians, 300 German-Libyans and 350 German-Yemenis are also impacted.

“The figures could at best be seen as an estimate,” an Interior Ministry spokesman said.

German politicians have largely condemned Trump’s executive order with Chancellor Angela Merkel saying on Sunday that it was “not justified” to target people based on their religion or background.

The Green party even called for Trump to be banned from travelling to Germany for the G20 summit in Hamburg in July.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that he would be looking into what the US bans mean for German citizens.

Trump's travel bans have met with widespread protests at airports in the US where travelers have been detained on their way into the country.