Fare-dodger caught grooming ‘intimate parts’ inside train loo

A man was kicked off a train by police for not having a ticket, after being caught in the most comprising of circumstances.

Fare-dodger caught grooming 'intimate parts' inside train loo
Photo: DPA.

A train conductor on a high-speed ICE train began to feel suspicious about a 22-year-old man who was spending a particularly long time in the toilet, a federal police spokeswoman told Spiegel Online on Tuesday.

She decided to open the door, only to find the bewildered man “as God had created him”. Not only was the 22-year-old naked, he was also holding a kitchen knife – causing the conductor great alarm.

The conductor then alerted the federal police, who are responsible for overseeing train stations. The officers arrived to find the man in the toilet “stark naked” and shaving his pubic hair with the knife, according to Focus magazine.

“He was quite indignant, felt disturbed and reluctantly got dressed,” a police spokeswoman said.

While shaving one's intimate regions in a train toilet is not illegal, the man was found to have not bought a ticket and was told to get off at Düsseldorf station.

But why couldn't the young man perform such personal grooming in the comfort of his own home?

The police spokeswoman said that at the time the man felt “unwelcome” at home, and so a bathroom was currently not available.

“But he groomed himself anyway,” the spokeswoman said.

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New night train takes tourists from German beaches to Austrian ski resorts

A new night train is allowing holidaymakers to travel between the North Sea island of Sylt and the Alpine city of Salzburg.

New night train takes tourists from German beaches to Austrian ski resorts
A passenger in the Sylt night train. Photo: DPA
The new night train from Westerland on Sylt to Salzburg in Austria started punctually on Saturday evening for its maiden journey.
The Alpen-Sylt night express run by the railway operator RDC is expected to arrive in Salzburg early on Sunday at noon. On the route, it will make stops in Niebüll, Husum, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Munich.
According to the company, the booking figures are healthy. For this reason, the Alpen-Sylt Night Express is also scheduled to run throughout the summer and autumn.
Originally the company planned to offer the night trips until September 7th. Now the last arrival on Sylt this year is planned for November 2nd.
It will set off twice a week from the north sea island – on Thursdays and Saturdays. On Fridays and Sundays the train will then travel in the opposite direction from Austria back to the north.
Ample storage room means it is possible to bring surfboards, bicycles and dogs.
There is room in the couchette compartments for the passenger and five accompanying relatives or friends. This season, tickets are only being offered for complete compartments.
Against the background of infection protection, one would “by no means” want six strangers to be together for hours in one compartment, as an RDC spokeswoman explained.
Deutsche Bahn significantly thinned out its night train network in Germany a few years ago. Three years ago, the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) then took over the loss-making DB night train business. ÖBB's night jet operations are to be expanded in stages up to 2026.