These are the 10 German stories that went most viral in 2016

It has been a year full of big international news stories in Germany. But beyond the heavy headlines, some weird and wondrous stories grabbed people’s attention too.

These are the 10 German stories that went most viral in 2016
A woman chained to a wall in latex clothes. Photo: Olivier T/Wikimedia Commons

1. Mayor breaks off bondage porn session to defend constitution

We defy you to read this story from February and not clench your thighs together to stop you wetting yourself.

It tells the story of a small town mayor who was discussing politics with townspeople when he gave them an unfortunate glimpse into his private life. And his defence is golden.

2. Firemen free man from 13 penis rings

We went the extra mile on this story from March, talking to an expert from a Berlin sex shop who helped us understand why on earth someone would find themselves in such a pickle in the first place.

3. Police calm frenzy at vegan restaurant opening

This story seemed to be a sad parable for what Berlin has become in the 21st century, at least that's how many readers viewed it.

It was the opening night of a vegan burger joint in one of the city's coolest neighbourhoods. But things soon got out of hand as hipsters just kept on pushing towards the doors.

4. Dutch queen wears 'swastika' coat on state visit

You would think the queen of one of the most prosperous countries in Europe could afford an adviser to tell her wearing a dress emblazoned with swastika-like shapes isn't a good idea in Germany.

But nobody told Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

5. Man kills lover with cucumber dildo

How to react to this story?

In March, a man faced trial for killing his lover with a cucumber he had just used to make love to her. There was no doubt that the death was accidental, but how it happened might as well be added to dictionaries as the definition of tragicomic.

6. MP accuses Erdogan of bestiality

The story of a hapless conservative politician who accused the Turkish president of having sex with goats certainly had us spluttering into our morning coffee.

Detlef Seif meant to support Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he read out a profane poem about him on live TV, but it didn't come out that way…

7. Public pool bans burqini

Photo: DPA

The story of a public swimming pool in Regensburg which banned Muslim women from wearing the burqini – a swimwear which covers the whole body – grabbed a lot of attention when it was reported in June.

The subject of Muslim dress, and what is and is not permissible in public, has been hotly discussed this year.

After terror attacks in July, conservatives raised the prospect of banning the burqa in public places, something which is already enforced in France.

8. Swimmer hospitalized after angler catches his genitals

Was it the fact that he was naked when it happened, or the fact that he cycled to hospital with the hook hanging from his privates?

Whatever the reason, people couldn't get enough of this story from August. When the swimmer noticed a fishing hook had penetrated his nether regions, he had to act fast.

9. The man who earned €44,000 Pfand with just one bottle

A part of you grudgingly respects this man's persistent abuse of one of the most German of systems, the Pfand bottle recycling scheme. His answer to the judge on how he got through it was priceless.

10. Germany's biggest evacuation since WWII

Over 50,000 people in Augsburg had to leave their homes after an enormous British bomb was found in the town in December… and the timing couldn't have been worse.

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