Yes, Bavaria just confirmed every cliché we have about it

Jörg Luyken
Jörg Luyken - [email protected] • 16 Dec, 2016 Updated Fri 16 Dec 2016 11:08 CEST
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When polling firm YouGov asked 1,000 Germans when they thought it was acceptable to start drinking they got fairly sober results, except in one southern state.

Concerning the tricky question of whether to order a beer when out with colleagues at lunch time, Germans are fairly cautious.

Only 13 percent say drinking at this time of day is appropriate when one isn’t eating, the YouGov survey published this week shows.

But considerably more (32 percent) think it’s okay to down a bit of booze before the afternoon shift if it’s being soaked up by a bit of solid sustenance.

Young people are slightly more likely to find it acceptable than their older colleagues. Four in ten of those 39 or under don’t have a problem with a sly glass of wine at lunch, whereas only one in four of those over 50 consider it acceptable.

If you want to be around people who keep a clear head at midday, your best bet is to head to North Rhine-Westphalia - only 29 percent of people there think a drink at this time of day is okay.

But if you like a little tweak as the sun hits its peak, best head further south.

In the state which has given the whole of Germany a reputation for swaying about up to its own ankles in vomit as it slugs down another beer to the sound of kitsch pop, almost every other person thinks it’s fine to booze at midday.

Yes, 44 percent of respondents in Bavaria said they’d drink at lunch time on a working day.

And for anyone who has flown through Munich Airport at 7 am on a grey Tuesday morning, it’s a surprise they didn’t insist on changing the question to being about breakfast.



Jörg Luyken 2016/12/16 11:08

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