Rostock man ‘still ate meals with dead brother’ for a month

Rostock man 'still ate meals with dead brother' for a month
File photo: DPA.
Police in the northern city of Rostock discovered a morbid scene on Thursday when they found that a man had been living for weeks with his dead brother propped up at the kitchen table.

The 49-year-old man called police on Thursday morning to report the death of his brother, according to a police report.

But when officers arrived at the apartment the two had shared, they found the 45-year-old brother dead, sitting in a chair in the kitchen. A doctor at the scene determined that the brother had died a natural death – more than a month ago, probably on October 31st.
When his younger brother died, the man had not called police, emergency services, or even informed their relatives.
“Apparently in order to process his grief, he actually lived for a month with the corpse in the same apartment,” police wrote in the report.
Officials are now investigating the exact cause of death, and whether the older brother may face charges of denial of assistance.
According to regional online news portal, the older brother would still eat meals together with his dead sibling, but the smell of the corpse had finally driven him to call police.
The brother had reportedly been seriously ill before his death and given that the two had lived together for more than 20 years, the older brother took the death very hard.
“He said goodbye to his dead brother in his own way – for over a month,” a police spokesperson told