Five places Nigel Farage should live in Germany

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The Local - [email protected] • 17 Aug, 2016 Updated Wed 17 Aug 2016 14:03 CEST
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The Brexit proponent was spotted queuing at the German embassy, stirring up questions about whether he's seeking new citizenship. If so, here are The Local's suggestions for where he may fit in best in the Bundesrepublik.

British media reported on Monday that Nigel Farage was spotted in queue at the German embassy in London. But how much this might have to do with his German-born wife or a possible switch in his own citizenship is not yet clear.

When Buzzfeed asked if he was indeed applying for German citizenship, he replied “None of your business” and then hung up.

So if the Leave campaigner is in fact looking to leave Britain himself, The Local has a few suggestions for where he might shack up.

1. Berlin - because you can smoke inside pubs

England banned smoking indoors in 2007. But still in 2013, Farage was moaning about the law, calling it “silly and illiberal” in an interview with BBC Radio 4.

Nevermind the known health risks of secondhand smoke and asthma, Farage suggested instead that the UK adopt a system like in Germany where there are still smoking and non-smoking areas.

“The point is we are big enough and ugly enough to make our own decisions,” said Farage, a known smoker himself.

So naturally it seems that Farage would feel at home here in Deutschland, and perhaps especially so in Berlin where smoking bars are so pervasive that it’s hard for non-smokers to find a place where they don’t have to worry about future lung cancer.

2. Höfen an der Enz, Baden-Württemberg - because they value a good 'tache

Farage caused quite a storm on social media after recently debuting his new moustache, so after all the mockery and hate, he should consider a move to Höfen an der Enz - founding home of the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

If he keeps working on that 'tache, he could be a good contender in the next one.

Photo: EPA.

3. Hamburg - so he can live “around the corner from mother[-in-law]”

A profile of Farage by the Daily Telegraph in 2014 noted how he was very close to his mother and even still lives “round the corner” from her.

As his wife, Kirsten Mehr, hails from Hamburg, at least in moving there he would maintain the proximity to family, even if they are his in-laws he might still have a replacement mum to do his laundry for him.

4. Sylt Island in the North Sea - because of the nudist beaches

And speaking of Farage's dear mother, she seems to love stripping down - or least used to when she posed naked for charity calendars.

So at least if she visited him in Germany, she would feel at home among the nudists embracing Germany's Freikörperkultur (FKK) movement, or Free Body Culture. The Baltic Sea (Ostsee in German) and North Sea shores are particularly renowned for their nudist beaches.

In fact, the island of Sylt established Germany's first nude beach in 1920.

5. Dresden - because they may more readily agree with his stance on immigration

Farage's stance on immigration has been well-documented and scrutinized. He once stated his concerns about immigrants who are "coming here to take us over", and a poster by his campaign before the Brexit vote was reported to police due to complaints of inciting racial hatred.

Well, he might find a few more like-minded people in Dresden - home of the anti-Islamic Pegida movement, whose leader was found guilty in May of inciting hatred.

While he still might find the group extreme, we're sure he could find something in common with them to chat about it.



The Local 2016/08/17 14:03

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