Worried neighbours alert police to parrot’s cry for help

New neighbours were startled to hear what they thought was a child crying for help in a small west German town - until police discovered the true birdbrain behind the calls.

Worried neighbours alert police to parrot’s cry for help
File photo: DPA.

Neighbours in the west German town of Kaarst started to get worried on Tuesday when they heard someone calling out in distress, local police reported.

“They said it sounded like a child crying for help,” police spokeswoman Daniela Dässel told The Local.

So the good citizens naturally called police to alert them of the pleas for help coming from the apartment.

Firefighters and police were deployed to the scene and were able to get inside through a window.

But once they got into the home, they found it wasn’t a small child in distress, but rather a chipper parrot, squawking away. What exactly the talking parrot was saying, Dässel could not confirm.

Police said the neighbours who called in were new to the neighbourhood and therefore not yet used to hearing the parrot’s prattle.

But could a parrot be a good watchdog, should there actually be an emergency?

“I don’t know if this parrot was protecting the home. But maybe if there was a burglar… it’s hard to say,” Dässel pondered.

“It would probably be safer to have a dog.”

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