Three Germans injured in bomb attack in Thailand

The German Foreign Ministry has announced that three Germans were injured in a series of explosions which hit southern Thailand on Thursday and Friday.

Three Germans injured in bomb attack in Thailand
Photo: DPA

“According to our current understanding, we can confirm that three Germans were among the injured,” a ministry spokesperson said on Friday. “The German embassy is in contact with them.”

The Foreign Ministry also reports being in further contact with Thai authorities and is checking up on every indication of further injuries.

Officials warn travellers to exercise the utmost caution in the southeast Asian state in the wake of the attacks.

At least four people have died in the explosions which all targeted tourist spots including the island of Phuket, a destination popular with European tourists, over a period of 24 hours..

A total of ten bombs exploded in five different locations and the same perpetrators are believed to be behind all the attacks.

According to police, all of those who have been confirmed dead are Thai citizens. Thai authorities also say the attacks were not likely terrorism, but rather “regional sabotage which has domestic motives behind it.”

No organization has yet taken responsibility for the attacks.