Munich gunman was far-right racist: media reports

According to research by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung the Munich gunman was proud to have been born on the same day as Hitler and hated Turks and Arabs.

Munich gunman was far-right racist: media reports
Photo: DPA

The 18-year-old gunman who killed nine people before killing himself in Munich on Friday, was proud to be born on April 20th 1998 and thus share a birthday with Adolf Hitler, the FAZ has been told by people close to the investigation.

David Sonboly, who was born to Iranian parents in Munich, was allegedly proud to be German and Iranian, which he considered to make him “Aryan,” people who knew him told investigators.

According to Nazi ideology, Iran is the homeland of the Aryan “race.”

Sonboly hated Turkish people and Arabs and nurtured a feeling of superiority towards them, the FAZ reports.

Investigators are now looking into whether he intentionally killed foreigners. Seven his nine victims were Muslims and all nine of them had migrant backgrounds.

Four of his victims were either Turkish or had Turkish roots, while three were Kosovan Albanians.

Six of them were between the ages of 14 and 17.

Another fact that suggests Sonboly targeted racial minorities is that he took 300 bullets with him and could have killed more people had he chosen to, the Frankfurt daily points out.

Until now, investigators had described the attack as a rampage by a psychologically disturbed person who had been the victim of bullying.

Sonboly is not known to have been active in right-wing circles in Munich.

He was already known to have an affiliation to the Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Breivik, whose atrocity took place five years to the day before Sonboly’s.