Lions escape from enclosure in zoo south of Berlin

Lions escape from enclosure in zoo south of Berlin
Two lions broke out of their enclosure in a zoo south of Berlin on Wednesday morning, leading to all visitors being evacuated, local media report.

The big cats broke out at around 11 am according to Bild, with one of them even making it into an area where visitors are free to enter.

A veterinarian was able to shoot a sedative at the female cat, Gretchen, who was then brought safely back to her enclosure.

The male lion, Massai, was still outside his closure but was in an area which was considered secure.

All visitors were evacuated from the zoo in Baruth, which is situated in Brandenburg around 75 kilometres south of Berlin.

Police and fire services were called into action and have said that at no point were human lives in danger.

It is not clear at this point how the lions managed to escape from their enclosure.

According to the national tabloid, the two cats used to belong to an East German national circus.

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