Website helps ‘train’ users to get into Berghain

Website helps 'train' users to get into Berghain
How hard is it to get into Berghain? Find out without ever standing in line. Photo: Nicor/Wikimedia Commons.
A new website offers "training" for getting into Berlin's most notorious club.

If you've ever even just visited Berlin, you've probably heard of Berghain – and probably fruitlessly waited in line only to be turned away.

The club is famous for its exclusive door policy, which has absolutely nothing to do with how posh you clean up (like in other major metropoles) but rather well how you dress down.

Much time is wasted each weekend standing in line for hours before hearing a “Sorry” or even flat-out “Nein” – even to the surprise of club regulars.

Some might wish they had some way to prepare for what can be a bit of an intimidating experience.

Well now there's an app for that.

The website offers an interactive experience for you to test out your best too-cool-for-this-anyway attitude as you virtually face off against a bouncer named Sven (not to be confused with the club's actual famed doorman Sven Marquardt).

Using voice and facial recognition, Sven asks you three questions in German that can range anywhere from “How old are you?” to “Why should I let you in?” to “Who's playing tonight?”

At the top of the screen, you'll see that your facial expressions are being monitored for their levels of “anger”, “sadness”, “amazed”, and “euphory”.

How well you answer and react to the questions will determine the bouncer's final decision.

So can you get into Berghain? Test yourself here.

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