Bavarian tractor driver runs amok and rams police station

Bavarian tractor driver runs amok and rams police station
The damage to the police station is believed to run into tens of thousands of euros. Photo: Bayerische Polizei
Police have caught a man who rammed into a police station with his tractor in one of 2016's most shameless crimes so far.

Officers in Mühldorf, Upper Bavaria, had been hunting for several days for a rogue tractor driver who had damaged property in the area over the Easter weekend.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, it looked like the cops were in luck: a man came in to deliver a tip that the unknown culprit was out and about in his machine once again.

But even as the witness was talking to officers in the police station, a bright red tractor smashed into the police station, wrecking the glass entrance way, but fortunately not causing any injuries.

After he had backed out of the carnage and taken to the streets once more, several patrol cars and a helicopter were dispatched to track the tractor down.

Just before 4.30am, the long arm of the law caught up with the driver, who gave himself up without resistance.

Initial examinations suggested that the 46-year-old man from the area had serious psychological problems that may have contributed to his behaviour.

Investigations are continuing into the criminal consequences – and to determine who will pay for the tens of thousands of euros in damage.

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