4,500 refugees living in tents over winter

Thousands of refugees are still living in tents in January, even as temperatures have plunged well below zero and large parts of the country are blanketed in snow.

4,500 refugees living in tents over winter
A refugee walking through a tent city in Lower Saxony in October. File photo: DPA

While the vast majority of the roughly one million people seeking asylum in Germany are put up away from the cold, a survey by news agency dpa showed that some 4,530 were still living in tents.

Ten of Germany's 16 federal states have no refugees living in tents at all.

But some are still housing people under canvas: 550 in Hamburg, 500 in Bremen, 1,300 in Saxony, 120 in the Saarland, 560 in Lower Saxony and 1,500 in Baden-Württemberg.

In Hamburg, winter tents supplied by the army are still being used, while in other states, including Baden-Württemberg, larger tents have been outfitted with heating.

All six states on the list have made a big improvement since October, when more than 40,000 people were still put up in tents.

Many hundreds of people who had been living in tents until the onset of winter have now been moved.