Spooks hunt refugees with Isis-faked passports

Investigators have found a link between fake passports found at the site of the Paris terror attacks and passports held by a small number of refugees in Germany, German media reported Tuesday.

Spooks hunt refugees with Isis-faked passports
Photo: DPA

Bild newspaper reports that the intelligence services believe that around 12 refugees are currently in Germany who have passports made by the same falsifiers as those found near the two unidentified suicide bombers in Paris who were carrying fake Syrian passports.

The intelligence services do not currently know where the refugees are who used the fake passports and also took no fingerprints from them when they entered the country.

But the German government said last week that it had initially overestimated the proportion of people entering the country with fake Syrian passports, which was in fact far less than the 30 percent announced by the interior minister in September.