Kids unearth forest cache of WW2 explosives

Children playing in a forest in southern Germany stumbled upon a hidden munitions trove including hand grenades, ammunition and 17 kilograms of explosives, local media reported on Thursday.

Kids unearth forest cache of WW2 explosives
The Bavarian forest. Photo: DPA

The youths found the weapons stash at the end of October in the thick forest of southern Bavaria. They immediately informed their parents of the remarkable discovery, reports the Passauer Neue Presse.

Police munitions disposal experts arrived at the scene a few days later and uncovered 6.5 kilograms of ammunition, 17 kilograms of the explosive TNT and 27 hand grenades.

Because the weaponry was partially buried underground they used a digger to uncover it. The munitions experts have since made all the weaponry safe.

It is most probable that the weapons were buried in the forest during the Second World War.

The discovery became public when it was discussed at a community council meeting in Reisbach in southern Bavaria on Tuesday.

Bombs from the Second World War are often found during building works in major urban centres which were heavily bombed by the allies. Finds of this nature are rarer.

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