Refugee arrested over ‘Paris attack warning’

German authorities said Monday they have arrested an Algerian asylum seeker who reportedly told other migrants early last week that Paris would be hit by bomb attacks.

Refugee arrested over 'Paris attack warning'
A police seal on a door at the refugee centre where the Algerian man was arrested. Photo: DPA

“He is said to have told other refugees the previous Sunday or last Monday that a bomb or bombs would go off in Paris four days later,” a senior prosecutor, Werner Wolff, told AFP.

Gunmen and suicide bombers launched a series of attacks Friday at several locations in Paris, killing 129 people.

Prosecutors are now examining if the 39-year-old Algerian arrested in an asylum seeker shelter Saturday in Arnsberg, western Germany is guilty of failing to report knowledge of a crime, and if he was indeed aware of that the attacks would take place.

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