Refugee crisis

Majority say Germany can’t ‘manage’ refugees

Majority say Germany can't 'manage' refugees
Chancellor Angela Merkel face tough times ahead. Photo: DPA
A poll published on Tuesday showed that a majority of Germans think that there are too many asylum seekers in the country and that Chancellor Angela Merkel is wrong to say "we'll manage this".

The YouGov survey found that 56 percent of people thought that there were too many refugees already in Germany for the country to be able to take on any more.

That represented a 10 percent rise on the number giving the same answer just one month ago, in mid-September.

Meanwhile, only 19 percent thought the country definitely could take in more refugees, down from 28 percent a month ago.

The survey also showed falling confidence in Chancellor Angela Merkel's repeated insistence that “we'll manage this”, with 32 percent of the respondents agreeing with her – down from 43 percent at the beginning of September.

With 64 percent now disagreeing, Merkel has a tough battle to stick to the course she has chosen in the crisis.

As recently as Sunday the Chancellor declared that she would not be turned aside by opinion polls or discontent within her own party ranks.

The pollsters conducted a representative survey of 1198 people between October 9th and 13th.

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