Most Germans believe something is out there

A majority of Germans believe in intelligent life beyond our planet, a poll by YouGov revealed on Wednesday.

Most Germans believe something is out there
Altered version of PurportedUFO2" by George Stock via Wikimedia Commons

The study by the polling firm found that 56 percent of Germans believe there is intelligent alien life beyond our planet which has the ability to communicate.

The tendency was also more common among men than women, with 61 percent of males believing they are out there, while just over half (51 percent) of women do.

As to the question of why alien life has still not been found, over a fifth (21 percent) of Germans who believe in aliens said that they know we are here but have decided not to contact us.

A majority (59 percent) thought that other planets are simply too far away to make contact possible.

Meanwhile a little over half (51 percent) thought that our technology wasn't yet advanced enough to make contact possible.

Germans were split over whether we should make more effort to contact aliens, with 45 percent seeing this as a worthwhile endeavour.

In this regard too, men were much more likely to favour reaching out to our hoped-for alien neighbours. While only 36 percent of women were in favour, 54 percent of men were.

American space agency Nasa is already conducting searches for alien life – and researchers there believe they could find it within the next two to three decades. But those waiting for contact with intelligent life on other planets may have to wait, as Nasa are setting their sights on micro-organisms.

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