Bieber and ‘Beliebers’ take over Berlin

Bieber and 'Beliebers' take over Berlin
Justin Bieber at the MTV Music Awards in August. Photo: DPA
Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber arrived in Berlin on Monday to promote his new single and snap a few artsy Instagram pictures amid a throng of his devoted fans.

Bieber is in the German capital to promote his new single What Do You Mean?, which hit the top of the charts in 80 countries including Germany this week.

Hundreds of “Beliebers” waited in the rain on Monday at Berlin's glitzy film premiere hub, Potsdamer Platz, to catch a glimpse of the singer at the Ritz Carlton where he is staying.

During downtime on Monday, the now platinum-coiffed Bieber visited a park at Gleisdreieck in the Schöneberg district of the German capital.

As well as making use of the park's skate ramps. the troubled star posted some artful Instagram pictures of himself sitting – and praying – on a disused rail track.



Ein von Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) gepostetes Foto am 14. Sep 2015 um 7:16 Uhr

Ein von Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) gepostetes Foto am 14. Sep 2015 um 11:11 Uhr


While these photos are sure to delight his adoring young fans, German police who have recently been trying to persuade teenagers to stop taking selfies on train lines might be less pleased.

Among the 21-year-old's engagements on Tuesday is a spot on Radio Energy in Leipziger Platz from 6pm to 7pm, reports the Berliner Morgenpost.

Trouble brewing?

On a European tour in 2013, Bieber's bizarre behavior proved to be tabloid gold.

In London he threatened to “beat the fuck” out of a photographer, while in Amsterdam he wrote in a log book at the Anne Frank Museum that he hoped Frank would have been a Belieber – the nickname for his fans.

But the strangest incident during that tour took place in Germany, when customs officials at Munich Airport seized the singer's monkey after he failed to produce the necessary paperwork allowing the little capuchin to enter the country. The monkey, called Mally, ended up in a zoo near Hanover after Bieber failed to retrieve it.

There is no word yet on whether he plans to recover Mally on his current visit.

While nothing too high profile has happened on his current visit, on Monday a cameraman caught footage of Bieber hitting him with his car door after he arrived at Tegel Airport.

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