Cheeky thief caught after returning for swag bag

Cheeky thief caught after returning for swag bag
If you're going to shoplift it's good manners to bring your own bag. Photo: DPA
They say criminals can't resist returning to the scene of their crime. That was certainly true of one shoplifter in Dortmund, who was nabbed in the most slapstick of circumstances on Tuesday.

If as a criminal you absolutely must return to the scene of your crime, it's probably best to leave it a for few hours or days after you commit the deed.

And when you do, better to keep it on the down low, rather than ask the very people you've robbed for their help.

But it seems one crook from the outskirts of Dortmund forgot to read the beginners' guide.

After almost getting caught stealing a bottle of Jägermeister from an off-license – the man was followed by a customer who eventually lost him – he went on to steal two T-shirts from a clothing store, police reported on Wednesday.

He disappeared, but came back ten minutes later, laden with stolen wares from other shops, and asked for a bag to put his stash in.

When the sales assistant questioned him about the stolen goods he fled.

The police apprehended the man shortly afterwards and found him with four T-shirts, two bottles of detergent, a compact rain jacket, two toy hedgehogs, an aromatic candle and a bottle of hair gel, which had been stolen from five separate shops.

With this eclectic and puzzling booty on him, no wonder he needed a bag.

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